The Other Horse - The Art of Shannon McClane

Paint oh dancing gypsy, portrayer of passions, dressage cowgirl, teller of silent tales with loaded paintbrush. Paint oh shape shifter with a mystical reverence for the horse. Capture the spirit and essence. Infuse the surface of the canvas with the energy and light presented by your subjects.

Influenced by Gericault, Bartabas, Zingaro and Cheval Theatre, Shannon attacks her canvases with a dedicated fierceness and vibrancy that shines through in the paintings that emerge. The paintings are a summation of a life lived half in this world and half in some other realm. Treading a path that has lead her from Saint Petersburg to Los Angeles, from France to China Shannon pours all the knowledge and experience she has learned along with her passions into her works. She lives her loves and paints her dreams and never lets herself be limited by the thoughts of others.

She is currently residing in Indiana where she is opening her own studio and is in search of the purrrfect property to start her own theater of the horse.

Horse enthusiasts and creative people from around the globe seek her paintings. Her portraits are treasured by many as they are the keepers of memories both past and of times to come.

The artist, Shannon McClane